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Aerospace / Defence & Security

Electronic systems for Aeronautic, Defence & Security and Space

Electronics for aerospace, aeronautics, defence and security

TRONICO is a major supplier of OEM’s electronic systems for Aeronautic, Defence & Security and Space.

In addition to its core EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) business, TRONICO has also established itself as an EDS provider (Electronic Design Services) in the development of complex electronically dominant systems.

Electronic design

Product developments, from DAL-E up to DAL-A, are carried out following ARP 4754A, DO-178C, DO-254 and DO-160G guidelines, as well as the MIL-HDBK-217F safety & reliability guide and the FIDES guide.

A specific quality department is dedicated to R&D to ensure that internal processes, standards and DO are respected.

Experienced teams develop and analyse products to reach and maintain requirements regarding Safety & Reliability (RMAS: reliability, maintainability, availability, safety). TRONICO’s engineers have acquired specific knowledge on Aerospace, Defence & Security projects in the following technical fields:

  • power conversion and storage
  • power electronics
  • network & communication
  • radio-frequency
  • numerical electronics/ FPGA/ µC
  • embedded software
  • rugged computers
  • high temperature
  • ...

In addition to its skill in terms of electronics and mechanical development, TRONICO has internal means for layout and rooting as well as automatic test benches realization.

Electronic prototyping

TRONICO is organized with a specific « prototype » team, which enables it to provide quick manufacturing capability. It provides an expertise regarding purchasing and manufacturing to guarantee reliable and sustainable solutions.

The « prototype » team leans on experienced workers dedicated to this task and led by a prototype coordinator which regroups and handles the customer’s needs and matches them according to industrial constraints.

This “prototype” team disposes of identical and independent production means.


Electronic industrialisation

The industrialisation process involves searching and analysing reliable and sustainable solutions to optimise circuit board manufacturing. Industrialisation service facilitates and handles the progress from prototypes to production runs. Industrialisation is integrated from the start of a project to optimize short, medium and long-term production costs.

Industrialisation optimises production and consists of the following elements:

  • Purchasing/supply FMECA*: used by TRONICO to handle the risks and obsolescence
  • Process FMECA*: used by TRONICO to handle processing risks
  • DfX:
    • DfM (Design for Manufacturing) : analysis of  the manufacturability of the boards and their integration
    • DfT (Design for Test): defining and optimizing the test strategy
  • Design to cost: design methodology to optimise product cost

(*Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis).

Assembly and testing

TRONICO has more than 40 years’ experience in electronic products and PCB assembly.

To do so, TRONICO leans on specific manufacturing means dedicated to electronic systems realization (SMD lines, wave soldering, X-ray, AOI…).

In addition to its manufacturing capability, TRONICO offers a full range of testing solutions (flying probes, ICT, thermal shocking, vibrations, functional testing…). Testing scope is elaborated to provide a permanent loop of improvement.

Thanks to its Nadcap accredited facility in Morocco, TRONICO is able to provide these solutions at a competitive price.

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Best-cost manufacturing

Both manufacturing locations, St Philbert de Bouaine (France) and Tangier (Morocco) use the same process and equipment, both also have the same quality accreditation. The Tangier site is the first to be Nadcap certified on the African continent.

Depending on the customer’s needs and requirements, TRONICO is able to offer manufacturing in France and/or in Morocco.

Activity continuity is ensured thanks to the total compatibility of both locations.

Maintainability in Operational Conditions

The lifetime of an aircraft can be over 30 years, however the electronic components manufacturing cycle tends to be shorter and shorter. Against obsolescence issues (components, process, manufacturing files…), TRONICO offers global solutions of MOC (Maintaining in Operational Conditions):

Test benches

The compliance of aeronautical electronic equipment is guaranteed by the tests they undergo during the manufacturing process.

By combining production tests with a final functional test, TRONICO offers an optimal test strategy for each electronic product. In order to answer to this last step of the production cycle, TRONICO designs, integrates and put in service automatic test equipment.

Based on a test specification from its own design office or from its customers’, TRONICO will define an architecture, select the test devices, develop an ergonomic HMI (Human-Machine Interface), integrate the equipment and the test interface (connectors or nail bed). TRONICO also provides training to operators, maintenance and repair.

Keeping in mind the economic constraint of the project, the modular architecture of TRONICO’s test equipment gives the possibility to test several boards or built boxes on the same equipment. In addition, the automation of the test sequences up to the issuance of the test report simplifies and rationalizes the daily use of the test bench by the operator.

The More Electrical Aircraft

TRONICO is involved in the process of making the aircraft of tomorrow more electric. TRONICO is involved in several research projects aiming to transform hydraulic, pneumatic or thermal systems into electrical ones. The goal of this power transformation is to gain weight with the rationalization of a unique power source: electricity. However, electrical systems require a better power management through the optimization of its conversion, its storage and its efficiency.

TRONICO is thus part of this technological transformation with 3 types of products:

  • Power converters,
  • Battery management systems,
  • Electronics for actuators.

The common challenges for these systems are: efficiency, mass, temperature and density.

Aware that today's innovations will make aircrafts of tomorrow, TRONICO continues to develop these technologies through partnerships and collaborative projects.

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Power converter

TRONICO combines its experience in power conversion with its patented flip chip attach technology (HEXAT®) and its partnership with the G2ELab (scientific poster) to provide innovative and compatible solutions for increasing power density challenge required by tomorrow's more electric aircraft challenges.

From a few watts to several tens of kilowatts, TRONICO’s expertise covers a wide range of power ratings for many applications.

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Battery Management System

One of the main challenges of the more electrical plane concerns the storage of the required energy. The MEA (More Electrical Aircraft) or FEA (Full Electrical Aircraft) will consume more electric power than a conventional aircraft of today. With the Boeing 787 and AIRBUS A350, a first technological step has been crossed with the use of lithium-ion batteries.

TRONICO has developed a BMS (Battery Management System) modular platform for Lithium-based systems. Our BMS is a combination of a BMU (Battery Management Unit) which supervises communicates and a CSU (Cells Survey Unit) which monitors the battery cells.

Application engineers are available to study all specific requirements and customize the system to each need.

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Electronics for actuators

The next generations of aircrafts will be equipped with all-electrical actuators. TRONICO is already working on the design of electronics for electrical actuators management in compliance with the most severe aeronautical constraints (such as DO-254, DO-178 and DO-160).

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Collaborative Projects


TRONICO has been selected by Thales Alenia Space as a partner to develop and realize the global power conversion and the wiring of the stratospheric airship. The company will provide innovative solutions for the power conversion and more specifically on the weight/power optimization.


TRONICO is a partner for the development of a specific airborne equipment able to monitor the air quality (ozone and volatile organic compounds). The project consists in creating and industrialising a solution based on micro-analysers of several polluting gas which can be found in the aircraft cabin.