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TRONICO's head office : Nantes - Saint-Philbert-de-Bouaine (France)

Founded in 1973, TRONICO specialises in the design, manufacturing and assembly of complex electronic products on behalf of others, throughout the product’s life-cycle.

In addition to its core business of EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services), TRONICO is positioned as ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) in the development of complex systems.

Tronico operates in the following market sectors:

TRONICO pursues a strategy of high innovation supported by its « Innovation Centre » (composed of science doctorate graduates) and its R&D department (60 engineers).

These teams address individual customer requirements building upon scientific research and TRONICO's expertise.


TRONICO has 2 electronics manufacturing sites (Nantes / St-Philbert-de-Bouaine in France and Tangier in Morocco), 3 electronic engineering and design sites (Nantes / St-Philbert-de-Bouaine & Grenoble in France and Tangier in Morocco), 1 sales office (Seattle - USA) and 1 site specialised in water quality assessment (La Roche sur Yon - France).

TRONICO has more than 700 employees spread on 5 sites:

  • More than 400 employees in Nantes / Saint-Philbert-de-Bouaine
  • More than 300 employees in Tangier
  • About 15 employees in Grenoble
  • An office in Seattle (USA)
  • About 10 employees in La Roche sur Yon

TRONICO’s plant in France

From 1973, TRONICO in France has been serving world-leading industry players, especially in the aerospace sector.

With more than 400 employees, TRONICO in France has an extensive range of highly technical skills and know-how as well as a strong production capability meeting the highest standards (EN 9100, Nadcap, ISO 13485 and more).

TRONICO provides a global offer that includes design, optimisation for manufacturability, manufacture, and the maintenance of equipment in an operational state. TRONICO has 2 R&D centres in France, located at Nantes and Grenoble.

TRONICO‘s plant in Morocco

Since 2004, TRONICO has been offering a range of services from its Moroccan plant to world-leading players of the industry (aerospace, energy, biotechnology…). Since then TRONICO has been working relentlessly to consolidate the development and the high reputation of its site in Morocco.

Partners who select TRONICO thrive from numerous advantages offered by our Moroccan plant. 300 highly skilled and experienced collaborators work in sync to offer the best services available, thanks to high-end logistics infrastructure, a favourable free-trade agreement, and optimum geographical reach that Morocco provides.

In response to the amazing potential growth of each market it addresses, TRONICO is continuously investing in its Moroccan location to widen its capabilities in build-to-spec and build-to-print (hiring new personnel with specific technical skills, Nadcap accreditation, heavy investments, increased production area …).

TRONICO’s site at Morroco has established a local aerospace-qualified supply chain.

Finally, TRONICO completed its skill set and know-how in Morocco by creating a dedicated R&D center, in addition to the two already established in France.

TRONICO’s time-line

Since its creation in 1973, TRONICO has grown through active continuous improvement:

  • 1973 Tronico established
  • 1982 Creation of the purchasing department
  • 1987 Implementation of functional testing
  • 1993 Assembly of electronics into mechanical housing established
  • 1998 Creation of the R&D department
  • 2002 Autonomous prototyping activity launched
  • 2003 Mature partner strategy established - Deployment of service activities (component testing, prototypes, obsolescence management, secure storage, design criticality analysis, transfer of new designs into production etc.)
  • 2004 Creation of the production site in Tangier
  • 2005 Implementation of a new ERP system
  • 2006 - 2007 Deployment of logistical tools adapted to small production runs with high traceability requirements (flat screens, etc.)
  • 2008 Inauguration of the Tangier production site
  • 2009 Strengthening of our design capabilities and creation of an Innovation team
  • 2012 Creation of the electronics R&D centre in Grenoble
  • 2014 Creation and organisation of business units
  • 2015 Acquisition of VigiCell (renamed Tronico VigiCell)
    Acheived Nadcap certification for both production sites (1st site on the African continent to achieve accreditation)
  • 2016 One sales office opened at Seattle (USA)
    Creation of the R&D centre in Tangier (Morocco)