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TRONICO is your prime partner for the entire development cycle of your project

TRONICO is a prime partner for the entire development cycle of your project

TRONICO is a first choice partner for innovative Start Up thanks to its EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) core competencies. Mastering the whole development process (from the design, the Proof of Concept, the Industrialization, the Certification and qualification), TRONICO is able to assist the Start up with a flexible management during the different development phases.

Certifications Start Up

The flexible Management

As an Industrial Expert, TRONICO provides its customers with:

  • An assistance in the product specification definition

  • Reactivity and efficiency on the iterative development process

  • 60 multi competencies R&D Engineers (System Architecture, electronic, mechanic and embedded data processing...) located on three sites (Nantes/ Grenoble/ Tangier)

  • Its network and experience in production for a global offer: electronic, plastics, mechanical. etc.

  • A manufacturing experience on complex electronic/ Mechanical/ plastic systems and a list of qualified suppliers

  • A possibility to connect the start up each other in order to increase the project development

  • A strait access to our Research & Development partners (CEA, CNRS, etc.)

A balanced partnership

TRONICO handles the project risks and technical difficulties in order to let the Start up focus on its product technology and business development.

TRONICO Technical skills:

  • Design and industrialization

  • Manufacturing process

  • Quality management, formalism and qualification process

  • Mastery of functional, normative and environmental expectations

Will allow the start up to:

  • Focus on its product’s added value

  • Strengthen its business strategy

  • Grow up with limited financial resources

  • Adapt its technical proposition to customer’s feedback

Optimised financial solutions

TRONICO’s objective is to assist you on your successful development providing adaptive financial solutions.

TRONICO commits itself in order to:

  • Forecast the whole Project budget
  • Submit co-development solutions and shared investment

  • Search financial solutions with collaborative projects, stakes acquisition

TRONICO will study the financial engineering model and provide a personal answer on the different Start Up’s needs.

Success stories

TRONICO has participated in numerous start-up company developments offering solutions adapted to their specific requirements, such as:

  • Cold chain monitoring
  • Blood sampling assistance
  • Electrocardiogram testing
  • Air quality analysis
  • Water quality assessment
  • Secure data transmission