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TRONICO, the specialist in highly critical Medical Devices

TRONICO medical

In addition to its core EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) business, its dedicated brand TRONICO positions TRONICO as an ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) in the development of complex electronics systems with high added value.

With over 47 years of experience and ISO 13485 certification, TRONICO is able to satisfy the reliability and quality requirements of the medical sector.

Specialised in highly critical class II, class III and implantable medical devices, TRONICO aims to become the European reference player in these devices design and production.

Certifications Medical

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Qualified engineering in medical devices

With its multidisciplinary team, TRONICO brings you engineering and qualified expertise on different areas :

  • system, Hardware ;
  • software (Low level, HMI, class A, B and C applications) ;
  • mechanics (PIC, Titanium, Ceramics) ;
  • biocompatibility ;
  • sterilisation ;
  • energy management: Intra/extracorporeal and transcutaneous.

Their team also developed an expertise in connectivity and cyber security, enabling them to provide concrete answers to all your needs.

  • MICS communication protocol ;
  • Bluetooth BLE...

Finally, through the in-house Tame-Component laboratory, TRONICO is able to support you in the choice and qualification of your electronic components.
TRONICO offers you a tailor-made solution from design & development to production of your class II, class III and implantable medical devices.
Qualified engineering

Historic industrial expertise

With an expertise forged on critical systems design and manufacturing, TRONICO has established a high level of reliability and quality requirements. 
Thanks to its experience, and to meet its ambitions in the medical field, TRONICO has been able to build on its current industrial assets, acquire new equipment, adapt its processes and the skills of its teams...

Industrial expertise

An environment of excellence

Quality, processes and traceability are key elements for your medical device projects. 
For those reasons, TRONICO has: 

  • obtained the ISO 13485 certification, for R&D and Production,
  • set-up a panel of suppliers with the same certification, thus simplifying your electronics sourcing.

With its investments, its three ISO7 clean rooms and continuous training of its staff, TRONICO will meet the most demanding medical markets.

Finally, The Department of Higher Education and Research in France has approved Tronico as an "organisation performing research and development work (R&D) on behalf of companies”. 
The Research Tax Credit approval recognises Tronico capacity to conduct R&D projects that are eligible under the research and development tax credit scheme (CIR). Thanks to it, TRONICO's customers may allocate invoices relating to R&D work to their CIR tax allowance.
The Innovation Tax Credit approval recognises Tronico capacity to conduct innovation that is eligible under the innovation tax credit scheme (CII).

Environment excellence

A unique know-how in testing and reliability

Reliability of your medical devices is a prime concern for TRONICO, which offers you solutions, from the design to the production of your medical devices.
As the only player on the market to have an electronics expertise laboratory (Tame-Component) and a test benches designer (Tame-Test), TRONICO has developed the following services:

  • support in your technological choices by validating the reliability and durability of your electronics, according to your specifications ;
  • FMEA (Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis) realisation, ensuring an anticipation of the risks related to the product and the processes, and giving TRONICO the ability to be proactive and guarantee optimal quality and reliability ;
  • realisation of the environmental tests required for your project: thermal, salinity, vibrations ...

TRONICO is then qualified to:

  • ensure the quality of its tests (AOI, RX, mobile and in situ probe...) at each production step;
  • develop the testing strategies according to your needs and to the class of the Medical Device, and then design the appropriate solutions;
  • test your components, boards, systems, etc. on demand or on a systematic basis.

Thus, TRONICO ensures you with a top level of reliability, perfectly adapted to highly critical medical devices.

Testing and reliability

A Supply Chain solution at every stage of your project

TRONICO provides you with a large set of skills and expertise in logistics for every stages of your project. 
Just as all its markets, TRONICO has built up a base of PREMIUM partners, recognized suppliers in the medical field.
The team will consider your logistic issues from the design to delay phase, and then will take over forecasts and production supply.
With VMI (vendor managed inventory) management, TRONICO offers you inventory management and continuously procurement services, in order to constantly guarantee stock availability for sales.
TRONICO aims to become your trusted partner, allowing you to fully focus on your core business.

Supply chain

Solutions to make your medical devices sustainable

Electronics integrated in your medical devices are crucial and making them sustainable is essential to you.
There are many obsolescence risks, such as:

  • logistical disruption due to the obsolescence of a component ;
  • evolution of technological characteristics that lead to malfunctions ;
  • increase in the price and lead time of end-of-life stage components ; 
  • additional costs generated by these issues. 

Well aware of this need, TRONICO and its electronics expertise laboratory Tame-Component, have developed services to meet these issues:

  • monitoring and alert for obsolescence risk of an electronic component ;
  • Secure storage ;
  • Component sourcing & testing ;
  •  ...    


An accompaniment from A to Z

Whether you are a start-up, an SME or a large group, bringing a medical device to market is complex.
TRONICO teams have developed and propose a tailor-made support offer to meet all your needs in terms of:

  • design ;
  • industrialisation ;
  • production ;
  • sustainability.

You can also benefit from support related to:

  • regulatory affairs (CE mark/FDA) ;
  • market access ;
  • financing (CII/CIR).

TRONICO is the preferred partner for your medical devices.


An expert team dedicated to your projects

With TRONICO, you will be supported by men and women truly invested in the success of your projects, and driven by technological challenges. Each of these people has skills that are combined  to meet all your needs.
In order to maintain its level of expertise in the medical sector, which is constantly evolving, TRONICO attaches particular importance to the continuous training of its employees.