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Harsh environment monitoring & control board

Monitoring and control board for actuator | TRONICO

Able to provide electronic systems in harsh environments, TRONICO developed an innovative control and monitoring board for actuator. Given its wide temperature range (-55 ° C + 125 ° C) and its high compactness, this module can integrate any platforms subject to space and temperature constraints.

Designed in the spirit of safety (DO-178B and DO-254), the design of this board can adapt to different development standards.

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Monitoring & Control

  • NXP®/Freescale QorIQ embedded processor
  • Microsemi® IGLOO2 FPGA low density device
  • Real Time OS VxWORKS®
  • µAFDX® / AFDX® interfaces
  • Operating junction temperature range -55°C to 125°C
  • Heat spreader thermal connection for ease integration


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