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Our successes in 2020

Succes TRONICO 2020

"Agility: the ability to change one's body position quickly."

All the 2020 successes of TRONICO and its brands are the result of a voluntarist managerial policy, placing human capital and its training at the heart of the company's strategy.  

Our agility has drawn its energy from this fertile ground by deploying a multitude of projects that make today's successes and will make those of tomorrow.

AeroSpace Successes


In this period of crisis, TRONICO has consolidated the excellence of its industrial performance and thus strengthened the confidence of its historical customers, enabling it to benefit from the concentration of supplier panels.

The arrival of a new customer, a leader in its field, combined with the fact that the Ramp Up of several projects won over the last two years have been postponed, reinforce TRONICO's position as Europe's No. 1 aerospace EMS for the years to come.

Through its participation in study projects around hydrogen aircraft as well as its own footprint, TRONICO has set itself the goal of playing a role in the decarbonisation of the aeronautics industry.


New business with services other than production (design, industrialisation, test benches and secure storage) strengthens our presence in the upstream phase of increasingly complex projects.


A new clean room dedicated to this activity has been created, and is the concrete expression of the strategy initiated several years ago. The ESA/CNES certification, scheduled for the first half of 2021, will contribute to the recognition of TRONICO's know-how in this field.

Tame-Power sucesses

100th customer in October, since the creation of the brand dedicated to power electronics in 2016!

This activity, linked to the buoyant energy transition sector, has seen its turnover increase despite the global instability. The year 2020 will also have been synonymous with ambitious technical projects fuelled by: the reinforcement of the workforce, the development of an insulated converter for the HAKO customer, the creation of a new product range and the launch of the new Tame-Power website. 

The prestigious customer references of the Tame-Power brand make it one of the most important parts of the diversification initiated by TRONICO several years ago.

Tame-Care sucesses

The latest of the TAME brands, created in full confinement in response to the Covid-19 context, it is based on the expertise developed over several years also in medical devices.

The teams, mobilised in "agile" mode from the start of the crisis, enabled three products to be launched in three months:    

  • the MakAir open source artificial respirator
  • the EasyCOV PCR saliva test machine, called EasyVID and manufactured by TRONICO
  • the robot for UV-C surface disinfection and air filtration, called HUSKY UV 

Three products that are already enjoying great commercial success all over the world.


Tame-Component Successes

Despite this particular context, Tame-Component's business remained strong and its activity progressed with a 15% increase in the number of batches tested, which enabled it to integrate new employees.

2020 also highlighted the success of its secure storage service with the signing of new contracts. These customers have decided to put their trust in Tame-Component over the long term. 

Finally, Tame-Component, Predictive Image and Elemca have joined forces in a common desire to combine their know-how in a partnership called PartLab. While retaining their total independence, they can thus offer their clients the benefit of their complementary expertise while optimising costs and lead times.

Tame-Test successes

A real spin-off of TRONICO's historical activity, Tame-Test launches its brand of test benches and associated services at the very beginning of 2020. 

It has everything to play in the big league: customers already won over by this historic expertise in the design and manufacture of test solutions, making it accessible to all.

With its first successes in 2020, the development of 5 new testers for Carmat as part of the New Process Test project, a first success in direct competition with a company specialising in test benches, Tame-Test is rolling out its catalogue and is already meeting its first successes by selling 5 Check Labs benches.

Tame-Test has also enjoyed strong success around services through its DfT and test strategy solutions, DfTSolution and ScopeSolution. The organisation is setting itself up to become a leader in the test solutions market. 

Tame-Water successes

With its brand new website, Tame-Water continues to surf on environmental news dedicated to water quality.

With its bioassay tests for assessing the impacts of micropollutants in water, the 100% TRONICO subsidiary has been able to offer innovative services by winning significant deals such as LODIAG with the HydroScreen Project: creation of a predictive model of the toxicity of micropollutants on living organisms.

Medical Activity Successes

A turnover that doubled in 2020! 

The medical sector has been given special emphasis this year and TRONICO Healthcare, the medical branch of TRONICO, has been able to strengthen its ties with existing customers and attract new ones thanks to a growing reputation year after year.

The year 2020 will also have been marked by the establishment of in-house expertise in regulatory affairs, the realisation of projects such as the industrialisation of the CARMAT artificial heart, and many other Active Implantable Medical Devices: urological, cardiac and neural.

These are all successes that contribute to building future successes.

Support Functions successes

  • By initiating numerous innovative projects, the Technical Department has accelerated the diversification of its activities in favour of the medical activity and the energy transition: MakAir open source respirator, EasyVID PCR saliva test device for EasyCOV, Husky UVC disinfection robot, E-Fan X, Aston Martin...
  • The Purchasing and Logistics Department continued to supply production to secure the workshops' workload and thus ensure production, thanks to the support of Premium and Preferred suppliers.
  • The Quality Department was able to complete the three certification audits in the first half of the year, while developing its expertise in regulatory affairs concerning medical devices for clean products.
  • The Human Capital Department has initiated organisational changes in an agile mode to move from a hierarchical to a matrix organisation, in order to encourage cross-functional communication, with managerial training to support the development of team skills.
  • The Information Systems Department has enabled the deployment of collaborative tools to support the digital, managerial, human and innovative transformation of the company to serve all Tronicois.
  • The Marketing and Communication Department has redesigned all the sites and created a new e-commerce site for Tame-Care, while developing communities of customers, influencers and, more broadly, Internet users around the projects and life of the Tronicois (employer brand).