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Half Bridge SiC BJT & SJT Driver

This driver enables the control of the POWR–2SIC series halfbridge converter in an isolated and secured way. Equipped with multi-faults detection, it improves the electrical capabilities of the POWR-2SIC series products by optimizing their transistors switching.


  • Half Bridge device
  • Temperature range -55°c to +230°C
  • Isolated data transmission through multichannel transceiver
  • Half bridge cross-conduction protection
  • Under Voltage Protection
  • Desaturation detection
  • Gate Failure detection
  • Over current protection


DRIV Series
  • Half Bridge Driver for 1.2kV, SiC BJT & SJT Modules
  • Intelligent Power Modules (IPM)
  • DC/DC converters and switched mode power supplies (SMPS)
  • Harsh environment such as aeronautic, oil & gas, electrical traction and many others

For almost 20 years TRONICO’s product development department, composed of 60 engineers, have designed high reliability and long-life products applying Design to Cost and Design for Manufacturing methodologies.

TRONICO’s engineering process, based on Requirement Management, incorporates the following standards:

  • Functional Safety standard EN 61508 and its variants: EN 26262 (Automotive), EN 62279 (Rail), EN 61513 (Nuclear power plants), EN 61511 (Process industries), ARP 4754A, DO-178C, DO-254, MIL-HDBK-217F, FIDES Aerospace and Defence;
  • Safety: EN60950, EN61010, EN61508 etc.;
  • Test: DO-160, UL94, EN50155, STM-E-001, EN F 16-101, EN61373, EN50121, EN60068 etc.

Spread over 2 manufacturing sites (France, Morocco), TRONICO’s 700 employees are specialised in the manufacture of small to medium sized batches of complex and mission critical electronic systems.

TRONICO has more than 40 years’ experience in demanding sectors such as:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Aerospace
  • Transport
  • Defence